Important Information About Your Geothermal System

As a valued customer we think it’s important to inform you about the incentives  that are available to you, right now – before they expire on 12/31/2016!


By planning to upgrade your current Geo system now, you’ll save anywhere from 40-60% off of a new GeoComfort geothermal unit. Not only will you see greater efficiency and increased reliability in this system but you’ll also gain piece of mind knowing that each unit comes with our standard 10 Year Parts & Labor Warranty; plus the GeoComfort Limited Lifetime Compressor & Air Coil Warranty. That’s hands down the best warranty, on the best built, most efficient geothermal system available today!

To help you understand why this is so beneficial, you first need to know which major components we see failing today on the older Geo units. We’ve seen the most trouble with compressor failures, air coil leaks & TXV’s; worst case scenario – all at once. While it usually makes the most sense for homeowners to upgrade when there is a failure, we want to give you an opportunity to upgrade while you still have a chance to take advantage of the huge savings that are available. After all, we would hate to see your replacement costs more than double because of a missed opportunity; after the end of 2016 Tax Credits.

With all of the incentives that are currently being offered, you can get a new GeoComfort unit for around the same cost as the replacement parts. The average Geo upgrade today has a Net Cost of $4,000 to $7,500 after the tax credits, utility rebates & Geo cash back promo. You may also elect to take advantage of our 12 month Same-as-Cash financing which allows you to upgrade without paying a dime for a full year!

I encourage you to give us a call with any questions regarding this special offer and to schedule an appointment for a proposal to upgrade your geothermal system. It’ll cost you nothing other than a little bit of your time and you’ll save thousands by upgrading prior to the end of next year!

Best Regards,


Jason “Jake” Rabe, Owner


Cost To Fix Major Components:

Compressor = $2,800-$3,200

Air Coils = $1,800-$2,200

TXV’s = $750-$1000